I'm moving back!

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I'm heading back across the pond for good! I've recently been asked to teach some classes at Moravian College so it is now time for me to pack up and move back over. I'm looking forward to the move but as usual I'm still nervous about the significant other and his moving situation. We'll keep our fingers crossed for him but I'm hoping he'll be able to join me by October! 

In other news I've been doing a lot of reading for class and have been watching some of the design blogs in the States that I've been missing out lately. I'm not sure I'm supposed to admit that but I've been watching the UK ones a lot more since I've been here. I@ve also decided to take on a new challange for the month and if I enjoy it I might just carry it on. I've decided to sign up for a word of the day newsletter for some vocabulary enhancement and create a quick 15 minute, 2" x 2" sketch based on the new word. Nothing major but I think its a good way to learn new words and keep the creative juices flowing! Today's word was riposte. Do you know what that means? 

Jogging is going well too. I'm now running the fourth week of the C25K I did the first of the week today and it was tough but it felt really good! I might drop back to the third week next week so Scott can catch up but we'll see how he is feeling. He hurt his knee last week so he's working on letting that heal. 


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Scott and I picked up jogging three weeks ago, well we finished our third week today and I am really loving it. Its just awesome getting up at 6 am on a sunny Saturday morning and running through the park. Today was one of those really inspiring mornings which can't be wasted! I'll have to make some time today to create some sketches for my new design line! Right, I'm off to get started on the rest of my day! Hope your morning was as good as mine!

4th of July and more!

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So I hope you all had a happy 4th of July! I was a little jealous of all the postings on facebook about friends and family being at the beach and all of the fireworks! I did have my flag flying though and had a great picnic with friends and family on the Saturday. I even made my first trifle! I made some of my famous brownies this time I made a batch of Sailor Jerry brownies and Jim Beam brownies, both were a major hit! I have also been working hard on some new designs. I have some invitations finished and will hopefully be up for sale soon!


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Hello! Welcome to my new website! I'm still working on it a little to make it look extra nice for you! Have a look around and send me a message. I hope you enjoy it!

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